HTD Lieren

Winch power tool GE BUW I N me t a l p r oduc t s Industrieweg 6 7102 DZ Winterswijk The Netherlands T +31 (0)543 532600 F +31 (0)543 532601 54 This pneumatic auxiliary motor and electrical auxiliary motors are intended as an alternative to the manual drive and are only used for brief and non-frequent usage. The combination of manual winch and electrical- or pneumatic auxiliary motor is not an alternative to an electrical driven winch. Winch power tool: • robust slow speed drive units • easy to operate • reversible rotation • suitable for use on the following models: WW1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 and 7500 • because of a swift and easy connection system this unit is well equipped to serve various winches in one plant AM5000 • air motor • including filter and hose fitting • painted air motor and zinc plated adapter system EM5000 • electric drill motor 230V-50Hz • metal gear head with MT4 holder • including zinc plated winch adapter, additional handle, drift key, suspension eyelet AM5000-EM5000 EM5000 AM5000