HTD Lieren

GE BUW I N me t a l p r oduc t s Industrieweg 6 7102 DZ Winterswijk The Netherlands T +31 (0)543 532600 F +31 (0)543 532601 WB750 GR 36 Hand operated worm gear winch: • robust and safe hoisting or pulling winch • pulling capacity is aprox. 2.5x hoisting capacity • static safety factor of 4 • thin webbing belt instead of cable makes the winch very compact • winch is excluded belt • belt exit upwards, downwards or at rear • square worm-wormwheel transmission and maintenance free bearing • adjustable crank, with ergonomic grip • easy to grease worm-wormwheel transmission • load pressure brake with quiet double ratchet system • paint thickness is 60 - 80 Micron in 1 layer (in compliance with DIN/ISO 12944, C1M) • in compliance with EN 13157 and DIN15020 Worm gear winch