HTD Lieren

GE BUW I N me t a l p r oduc t s Industrieweg 6 7102 DZ Winterswijk The Netherlands T +31 (0)543 532600 F +31 (0)543 532601 EP2000-3200-4000-5000-6300-8000-10000-12500-16000-20000 ../D Electric wirerope winch for pulling* This new state-of-the-art winch offers high performance at economic cost. The basic winch is of robust construction and features a large wirerope capacity and is suitable for a wide range of use. A variety of optional applications are available to offer the flexibility that might be required. Each type is available in 8 speeds (S1, S2 and S3). *As option available as hoisting winch - Limit switch required. 22 Electric planetary gear winch 400V-50Hz